Boom – White Chocolate

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This advanced gainer is scientifically formulated to increase muscle mass along with body strength. The strong complex high-calorie gainer containing powerful muscle nutrients like Amino Blast, Creatine etc. helps you recover from the most hardcore workouts and grow your muscle.


FLAVOURS: milk chocolate, white chocolate


USE: take each day 120g (3 scoops) in 300ml water after training

INGREDIENTS: Dextrose, milk proteins (whey protein concentrate (contains milk), milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate (contains milk), maltodextrin, skimmed milk, creatine monohydrate, flavour, fructose, maize starch, taurine, L-tyrosine, creatine pyruvate etc.

ALLERGENS: Contains milk.


• high in fast and slow acting protein

• rapid-absorbing, tyrosine and taurine

• intense advanced creatine complex (pyruvate and monohydrate)


This food supplement should not be used to replace a balanced and varied diet and a healthy way of life. Keep away from young children. Do not exceed the recommended dose.


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